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Dynamic Compactors

Engineered by Lampson International specifically for the rigors of dynamic comppaction, the LDC-350 is the most reliable machine is use today. Designed to elimminate the damage caused by impact vibrations, the LDC-350 is constructed entirely of high-strength, low-alloy steels. The Boom is pendant-stayed in the front and the host frame is attached directly to the crabody to provide a stable, continuious pathway for dissipation of impact induced vibrations to the ground. The high-speed hoist utilizes a large diameter drum and a disk style braking system for increased cycle speeds and elimination of overspooling problems normally associated with conventional hoists.

The Lampson Dynamic Compactor has been used on projects ranging from earthen dam repair to nuclear wast repository clay cap compaction. Its ability to influence ground compaction to depths approaching forty feet through the use of drop weighs up to 30 tons and drop heights exceeding one hundred feet, is impossible to achieve using conventional compaction methods.