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Hitachi Hoists (Japan 2006)

In the middle of 2006, Hitachi Transport System, LTD, contracted Lampson International, LLC to remanufacture the two and three drum hoist systems and control cabin for their LTL-2000. The hoists had been working steadily since they were originally manufactured by AMHoist/Conmaco in 1983 and were in need of a major overhaul.

Upon arrival of the hoists and cab, Lampson personnel disassembled, inspected and evaluated each component of the two hoists. Based upon the results of those evaluations, the components were cleaned, machined, resurfaced, rebuilt, repaired or replaced. After reworking the components, the hoists were reassembled and load tested to exceed the service loads they have seen or will see. From machinists and mechanics to quality assurance and engineering, the skills and craftmanship of nearly all Lampson departments were utilized to successfully complete this project.