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Sunoco (US 2007)

The Sunoco Project in Philadelphia was unique in that it required a crane with extraordinary capacity, reach and mobility and was required to move some components through 180° of swing. The LTL-2600, fitted with 420' of main boom and a 15' offset Jiblet, met those requirements. The replacement components were coming in via river barge and the Transi-Lift had to lift them off the barge and place them in the Jig Stand area for build-up. In the mean time Goggle Valves and other components weighing some 50,000 pounds to 75,000 pounds, had to be set at a 387' radius.

Following completion of the build-up of the Reactor Head and the Regenerator head, the old Reactor Head was lifted out and placed in its Jig Stand and the new Reactor set into place. The Old Regenerator Head was removed and set in its Jig Stand and the new regenerator Head was lifted and set into place. The Regen Head produced a total lifted load of 850 tons, which was set at a radius of 250'. The Transi-Lift LTL-2600 performed flawlessly during the 7/24's Turnaround with zero downtime. In addition, Lampson received a Safety Award for zero safety incidents and no lost time during the entire project which lasted some seven months.