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Sanmen Transi-Lift® LTL-2600 (China 2008)

Since last October, five mobile crane operators certified by NCCCO have been helping to train crane operators from China on Lampson International's newest crane, the LTL-2600 B Transi-Lift®. The crane was purchased by Sanmen Nuclear Power and Zhongyvan Engineering Company to work on nuclear projects in the country.

The LTL 2600 B Transi-Lift® crane will perform lifts to install new Westinghouse AP 1000 nuclear reactors.The LTL-2600B is scheduled to lift and set loads weighing over 1,000 metric tons at a radii exceeding 50 meters.

The LTL 2600 B Transi-Lift® is configured with 400 feet of main boom, a 230 foot mast and 160 foot of 1,000-ton Lampson jib.

Lampson made a successful delivery in April of 2009. The crane made its first heavy lift on June 28th, picking 1,170 metric tons at a radius of 80ft.