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Lower Monumental Dam (US 2010)

In the summer of 2010, The US Army Core of Engineers and their contractor, Dix Corporation approached Lampson International about renting one of their Transi-Lift® LTL-1200's to perform a gate replacement at Lower Monumental Dam in Washington State. The scope of the project included assembling and load testing the Transi-Lift®, off loading three new gate sections from a barge, removing the old gate section from the dam and finally installing the three new gate sections.

With a narrow staging area, Lampson was faced with a very challenging assembly. To assist with the construction of the Trans-Lift®, Lampson used several of their own conventional crawler cranes and a Manitowoc 4100 equipped with a Ringer© attachment. Once the LTL-1200 was fully assembled, it stood 340 feet tall, had 3200 Kips of counterweight and performed lifts up to 648,500 pounds.

Lampson had four representatives on site throughout the six month project and at completion, Lampson left with another successful job and a very satisfied customer.