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Catlettsburg (US 2007)

At the Catlettsburg refinery, the unit was built on a plateau that was bounded by a pipe rack to the east and high voltage power lines to the west. On the south edge of the unit was a precipice dropping down to a lower plateau 50' below. The north boundary of the work area was a vertical structure 62' above grade. The crane would need to reach over that face to the Regenerator 175' north. The total length of the crane could not exceed 440' (during erection) and that length would require cantilevering the boom tip taper and boom tip weldment over the east pipe rack to install those sections.

The 600 ton Regenerator Head lift required a Lampson LTL-2600 Transi-Lift with 5200k of counterweight to achieve the client's requirement for an 85% of capacity lift at that radius. To achieve our goal of a safe and successful lift, over 50 drawings, critical lift studies, and geotechnical and unit demo plans were developed in the two months prior to site mobilization. It was incredible that so much was accomplished in such a short time since most of our major heavy lift projects are bid at least a year ahead of mobilization and lead times in our current market suggest that two year planning times are not unusual to accommodate the engineering and logistics involved.

Although the lifts at the refinery were straight forward, the erection procedure was challenging. Lampson personnel squeezed every inch out of the erection area and worked the support cranes to their limits. Cranes involved in making these lifts included a Manitowoc 4100W with Series 3 Ring required for mast erection in narrow area, Manitowoc 888 S-2 required for the boom tip weldment lift over the pipe rack, and a Manitowoc 4100W S-2 which was required to tail the strut. To finish erection of the boom, a stack of four Transi-Lift ® counterweight boxes were used as cribbing to block the boom 16' in the air over a major electrical substation and cantilevered over the east pipe rack.

When the project was complete, our clients were very complimentary of both our extraordinary efforts in completing the project and the professionalism our personnel displayed.