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Bechtel Spreader Bar (US 2005)

In February 2005, Bechtel National, Inc. awarded Lampson International, LLC the contract to design and construct an adjustable lifting fixture to lift and set 18 piping modules for the WTP Pretreatment Building. The modules range in weight from 54,000 pounds to 339,000 pounds with each having a unique lift point arrangement and unsymmetrical center of gravity location. To prevent unwanted stress in the piping module, a maximum deflection criterion of the Length (inches) divided by 300 was also specified.

The Lampson design team designed a modular rectangular beam system that is fully adjustable to within an inch in both directions, and can be hydraulically adjusted to account for the offsets in the center of gravity. Using hand calculations, computer aided design, and finite element analysis, the engineering team invested 4000 man hours to ensure the design met the strict requirements of the contract.

Lampson then worked closely with BNI engineers to refine existing welding procedures and construction methods to guarantee the completed components could withstand the rigors of everyday use on the construction site. With machine tolerances of thousandths of inches, Lampson Ironworkers and Machinists, led by Mark Sanders and Bob Burke, completed the 100,000 pound steel fabrication in July 2007 investing approximately 10,000 man hours of quality workmanship.

The acceptance and testing phase of the project began August 1, 2007 with the lifting fixture being assembled in a configuration that would induce the worst case loading in each of the components. The final load test of 125% of the worst case load proved the integrity of the entire system.

On completion of the test, the lift fixture was disassembled, sand blasted, painted and re-assembled in the proper configuration for the first lift at WTP and delivered. Lampson will continue to work with BNI to provide specific rigging arrangements and technical support for each module lift as it is performed at WTP.