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Revelstoke Dam (US 2009)

Lampson was a major participant in the transport of the largest load ever moved by road in British Columbia. The cargo was a 23' diameter turbine runner weighing 415,000 lbs and capable of producing over 500 megawatts of power for the Revelstoke 5 project. The runner was manufactured in Brazil by Voith Hydro Power and shipped to Portland, Oregon where it was transloaded to a Foss Maritime barge for river transport to Pasco. At the Port of Pasco Lampson unloaded the Runner using a 4100 Ringer and assisted in the loading on a Beam Type Trailer supplied and operated by Intermountain Rigging. Once the Runner was moved to a loading area above Grand Coulee Dam via road Lampson transferred it to a 6-line Goldhofer for barge loading and subsequent shipping up across Lake Roosevelt and up the Columbia river to the Shelter Bay Ferry Launch about 45 Kilometers from its final destination. Lampson coordinated the ro-ro of the cargo at Shelter Bay and then assisted Sheedy Drayage in the assembly of their Beam Trailer and the transfer of the runner to it for the Canadian portion of the road haulage. Once transported to the top of Revelstoke Dam the cargo was again transferred to the Goldhofer Trailer for a 1 mile trip down a 12% grade and through a tunnel with less than 2 inches of clearance in areas and into the powerhouse for offloading. Lampson participants in the project were Tim Debord – Superintendent, Mark Sanders – Superintendent, Alan Hayden- Superintendent, Jeff Bailey – Ironworker, Tanner Hickman – Ironworker, Steve Vowels – OE, Marvin Meise- OE, Bill Gwinn – OE, Nathan Bodey – OE, Doug Becker – OE, Tom Cave – Teamster, Dale Godfrey – Teamster, Gary Champagne – OE, Mike Zerba – Project Engineer, and Bruce Stemp – Project Manager.