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Hitachi (Japan 2010)

On November 16th, Bill Lampson, Randy Stemp and Kate Lampson traveled to Japan to meet with representatives from Hitachi in the hopes of selling them another Lampson Transi-Lift. After several days of very good negotiations, an agreement was reached and the contract for Lampson's newest and largest capacity Transi-Lift LTL-3000 was signed. "It was a great day for both companies and we look forward to building for Hitachi what we consider to be the world's finest mobile crane" said company President, Bill Lampson.

The new LTL-3000 is being designed in conjunction with our long time client and friends at Hitachi Transport LTD for construction of the new Higashidori NN-1 nuclear power plant for Tokyo Electric Power Company. The LTL-3000 will be the largest mobile crawler crane in the world surpassing the LTL-2600 with an increase in capacity of approximately 20%. The crane will be designed to meet both the Japanese JIS code and the US B30.5 Codes and will employ the use of a new hydraulic winch system using 2-inch diameter wire. The new winches and larger wire will not only dramatically increase the lifting potential, but will also increase the hoisting speed by 50%. The LTL-3000 boom will increase to a 20-foot wide x 16-foot deep cross section, but will maintain the Lampson pin together design concept. With the increase in boom size, the front crawler transporter will increase to approximately 50-feet square using 10-foot wide track pads and Rolli-Flex rollers. The stinger, strut, and counterweight frame will be similar to the LTL-2600, but will incorporate the ability to telescope between 80, 100, and 120 foot positions to greatly decrease the time to perform these "Mode" changes.

Head Engineer, Randy Stemp, who has been with the company for many years and was involved with the first sale of the Transi-Lift to Hitachi, had this to say "I'm proud to have been a part of the conception of this new Transi-Lift. I think it will quickly become the flagship of our company and continue to show that Lampson is the premier heavy lift crane manufacturer in the world. I have been fortunate to work with Hitachi for over 25-years starting with delivery of the Transi-Lift to Hitachi Port in 1984 and I am looking forward to the continuation of our relationship. Hitachi and Lampson have always had more than just a business relationship, we have become not just the best of friends, but we have become family."

As a follow up to the meetings in Japan, several members of the Hitachi team traveled to Kennewick, Washington in mid-December for a formal contact signing at Lampson corporate headquarters. When asked how she felt about the sale and manufacture of the crane, family member and company employee Kate Lampson had this to say, "We very much enjoyed hosting our international guests and we look forward to a long and mutually successful relationship with our friends at Hitachi".