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Intel Plant-Hillsboro, OR (2011)

Early in 2011, Lampson International entered into agreements to provide heavy lift cranes to the Intel Hillsboro, Oregon jobsite. The primary challenge was to safely handle roof trusses approximatly 24 foot square by 200 feet long, approaching 250 ton at a radius of 430 feet. The lifts were also required to clear a 35 foot wall structure. The Lampson Transi-Lift LTL-2600 equipped with 340 feet of boom and 200 feet of jib, was used in conjuntion with specially designed Lampson rigging, which hoisted the 25 trusses from both the jib and main blocks. All lifts were performed systematically, on time, with no incident of delay and with full safety protocol. The work was successfully completed accident free during the third and fourth quarters of 2011. It was a privilege for Lampson to be chosen to participate in one of the years most prestigious, fast tracked projects in the country.